Saturday, December 3, 2011



pillow comfort

Due to time constraints we have searched for alternatives of comfortable materials that could invite the user on to the warm floor. The next iteration of finding comfort are... PILLOWS!
Here are some shapes that I thought could be interesting. I modeled them and printed the patters to actually sew one pillow for demonstration. (pics to come soon)

searching for comfort on a floor

Thinking about how to inhabit the floor as a warm surface and play space, here is an idea of the form that the floor could be shaped as.


Pattern for the floor including musical notes and lighting strips. Each circle represents a musical note. The floor is teak and the lights would be aligned with the grain of the wood.

Also in this image, the sloping edge of the mat to avoid trip hazard.

first attempts....

This was the first attempt at making a comfortable piece to go along our floor. The curve would rest along a wall and on the floor to invite the user to lay on the floor. The piece was modeled in Rhino and CNC routed. Then it was glued and sanded. The first attempt wasn't so comfortable. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

folds in Digital Project

One strip fold that when multiplied will hopefully become a surface.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Infographic inspiration

As the group moves along with the development of the radiant floor system for the client, we are thinking of infographics that we can use with thermochromic paint in the area of the house that we plan to install the radiant system. This is an awesome website that I go to to get inspired in graphic design.